Chez Mana is a B2B media usage platform that creates impact for advertisers and marketers.

Our technology automatically curates original and artistic images. We recommend images to companies based on their creative brief for use in ads, campaigns and social media. We retrieve images with more accuracy, relevancy and speed than our competitors who rely on manual tagging and do not take into account the emotion behind images. We automate all interaction between the company and the artist for additional customization or specific needs.

Solution And Technology

Who Is Behind It

We are a bunch of avant-garde thinkers who believe in the importance of art in everyday life.


The founder, Mana Lewis has marketed artists in novel ways, and has a background in technology and statistics.  Our machine learning experts work both in academia and industry and have expertise in image recognition, affective computing, and ontologies. Our product team works with Stanford University. Our UX designer has both an art background and experience in broadcast and media.  Our back-end engineer is experienced with video, image storage, and system architecture, and has obtained numerous patents. Our business developer has worked with high tech companies, in partnership and technical sales.

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